And the hits just keep on coming! The Human Chronicles #21 — Invasion Force — is now available on

Invasion Force — Adam Cain #21

The War with the Klin is going full steam ahead in the latest Human Chronicles novel, Invasion Force by T.R. Harris. Adam Cain and his team have come up with a very rational and realistic IFCover1plan to defeat the invading Klin forces, but it’s their own leadership who gives them the cold shoulder. “Yeah, go ahead,” they say. “But don’t expect any help from us.” It’s an unbelievable situation that leads Adam to resort to desperate measures, which turns him and his team into outlaws.

This latest novel in The Human Chronicles Saga is full of twists and turns and unexpected revelations. Old names reemerge, friends become enemies, and Adam Cain becomes more of a superhero. It’s a whirlwind hunt for an answer, a way to defeat the unbeatable. But if anyone can do it, it’s the new and improved Adam Cain. 

Invasion Force is now available for immediate download on Pick up your copy today. Click here to be taken to

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