The Novels of T.R. Harris

HCS Book 1
HCS Book 2
HCS Book 3
HCS Book 4
HCS Book 5
Cains90 (695x900)
HCS Book 6
HCS Book 7
HCS Book 8
MOW CoverFiinal
HCS Book 9
HCS Book 10
HCS Book 11
THC #12
THC #13
Space Marine in Metallic Armour
THC #14
THC #15
THC #16
THC #17
THC #18
Martian Morning
#1 in the Agent to the Stars Series
Agent to the Stars #2
Spaceship Leaving the Docks
#1 of the Liberation Series
Drone Cover FINAL Oct31
Day of the Drone

5 thoughts on “The Novels of T.R. Harris

  1. Just started to read “A Galaxy to Conquer”. I usually read at night with white lettering on black background. This latest book won’t let me do that. Comes up all black or gtay on black. Is this a publishing problem?

    Thanks for a response in advance.

    • Sorry you’re having issues. I’m almost positive it’s not a formatting problem since this is the first I’ve heard of this. On my Kindle I have the option of switching the background and type color, which I’m sure you do, too. However, in you’re case, it’s not working for this book. I wish I could help. I’d contact Amazon on this one, and if you have a Mayday-equipped Kindle, it might be an easy fix. If anyone else out there is experiencing the same problem, please let me know. If it IS a formatting problem then I’ll certainly work to fix it.
      T.R. (Tom) Harris

      • Wow! Thanks for the rapid response. I’ve had this happen on other books from Amazon on the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Fortunately, since I read so much, I have an iPad Air 2 and a Samsung Tab S tablet (Android) which I use to read books on occasion. Neither of these devices, using the Kindle App, have the formatting problem as the Kindle Fire.

        I’m going to use that Mayday button and see what happens.

        I’ll read your book one way or another, that’s for sure!

        Nothing’s going to stop me from reading such a great science fiction story!

        And thanks to you for writing such fantastic books. Keep up the great work.

        Jim C.

  2. I have the same Kindle, so I know now it’s not a formatting issue. Maybe just something in your settings. Thanks for being a fan, and when you get to the latest book–The Masters of War–be sure you’re getting the EXPANDED version. It wraps up this part of the story and opens up whole new worlds and adventures for Adam and the gang.
    T.R. (Tom) Harris

  3. P.S. I got it fixed. Used the Mayday button and found out there was an update to the book which I didn’t have. The tech sent me the update and I’m all set.

    Thanks for your concern. Again, keep up the great writing. You’ve got another science fiction fan out here reading your books!

    Jim C.

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