What I’m working on: An Update

HCS Book 11

The Human Chronicles #11 will be out Christmas Day, 2015.

That’s right!

Book number 11 of The Human Chronicles Saga is scheduled for a Christmas Day release on Amazon.

It’s entitled: The Unreachable Stars, and follows the thrilling adventures of Adam and the mutant Panur as they run from–well, everyone in the galaxy–who are all out to capture Panur and return him to the Sol-Kor Queen in exchange for immunity from attack.

I know, sounds kind of boring, what with all the chases, space battles and alien ass-kicking. And don’t forget about the desperate race to build a device that will save the galaxy from the invaders, even as entire stellar empires are out to stop you.

But this is Adam Cain we’re talking about here. If anyone can go up against an entire galaxy–and win–it’s Adam. And he has fun doing it!

I hope you will, too.

I’ll be sending out a pre-release email to my fans, along with a publication notice with a new-release price discount. If you’re on my email list, be looking for it. But please, wait until after Christmas to read the novel. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble for having your nose stuck in a book on Christmas Day, rather than paying attention to your inlaws.

T.R. Harris, December 2015



There are some very exciting things happening between now and the end of the year.

Martian Morning1) I just completed the first book in my new series: Jason King: Agent to the Stars, entitled The Enclaves of Sylox. The is/will be available on September 15, 2014 on Amazon.com.

2) The first book of Part Three of The Human Chronicles Saga — as of now an untitled ninth book in the series — will be out on December 15, 2014. That’s right: Adam Cain is coming back!

3) I’m also planning the second Jason King novel to also come out in mid-December.

4) I’m also involved with two collaborative efforts.  One is a space opera adventure with co-author George Wier (from Austin, TX) , and the other is a unique spin on the vampire story with co-author Jess Mountifield  (from the UK).

So if you count the new book that’s just now coming out, that’s five novels by the end of the year. I hope you understand now why I might be sparse with my blog posts. I’m going to be a little busy for the next few months!

10 thoughts on “What I’m working on: An Update

  1. I first saw these on Amazon and they were on sale…so I thought, why not? Seemed interesting…now, after reading them all I am stuck waiting for the next…so I started over again…

    This series is an enjoyable adventure that I would recommend to anyone. Some very original ideas and he doesn’t stretch the laws of physics to the point of ridiculous, as some series have done. (Not that he hasn’t misfired on occasion, just not very often.)

    Can’t wait for the next book…the adventure continues…

    • OK, got the new book and just as I feared…read it in a day! Now I have to wait till dec-mar for the next…DRAT!

      I really enjoyed the book. The book gripped me and held on till I finished the entire thing.

      In my mind it raised some questions but I am sure at some point they will be addressed.

      Not a patient man! Drat, again.

    • I actually e mailed mr. Harris personally…and said it’ll be out mid march….now he’s pushing it back.

  2. Read the entire series. Enjoyed them all and as an old retired career Marine (1966-1989), I found the old school ‘us vs them’ nasty space aliens refreshing.

    Can’t wait to read future Adam Cain adventures.

  3. I really enjoyed The Enclaves of Sylox, what a wonderful, humorous read.
    Do you have a release date for the next in the series?

  4. Can you do something with heavy genetic manipulation? I love stories with that in mind because we can make ourselves truly super human then. Maybe a planet of warriors like Riddick or perhaps people crash land a planet and are stranded and to survive against the harshness of the planet or creatures they have to gen mod themselves… add other sapient races already on the planet… a super earth!

    On a side note… elves were probably gen modded humans that solved old age and were made super human.

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