Destroyer of Worlds is Now Available (Adam Cain #26)

Yeah, it’s hard to believe there are now 26 novels in The Human Chronicles Saga.

Destroyer of Worlds released on March 11 and is doing great. The reviews and other feedback I’ve gotten have all been positive. DoWCover

This is the third novel in the tale of the Mad Aris Kracion and his efforts to conquer the galaxy. And with the clock ticking, Adam Cain and his team are desperate to stop him before his efforts reach an unstoppable critical mass. But with the help of the mutants Panur and Lila — along with a new character I hope you’ll like — they just may pull off the impossible.

Check out the latest Adam Cain novel, Destroyer of Worlds today. Follow the link here:

… to be taken to the Amazon product page. As with all my books, this one is also in Kindle Unlimited. So purchase it or rent it, the choice is yours. Just do one or the other … or I will be sad.



-T.R. (Tom) Harris

P.S. I have also just released the 4th Box Set in The Human Chronicles Saga, featuring books 16-20 in the series. This is five complete novels for oneBox Set 4 super-discounted price and all in one package. I now have the first 20 books in the series in box sets. Check them out. They’re also available in Kindle Unlimited.


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