The Beginning of a whole new adventure: REV!

revcov3 (2)I’m proud to announce the publication of BOOK ONE in a whole new series called REV Warriors: REV.

As the story goes…

Every kid wanted to be a REV, but very few ever would.

Gunnery Sergeant Zac Murphy was the most-badass REV warrior in the Corps. He’d gone on more Runs and killed more aliens than any single Human alive. He’d been one of the early volunteers for the NT-4 Program, which used a powerful performance-enhancing drug to turn ordinary Marines into super killing machines. Affectionately called REV, the drug wasn’t for everyone. Few made it through the screening process, and fewer still into the Fleet.

Zac was the most-senior REV alive, a miracle of science and a legend in the Corps. His job was to be the battering ram for the Marines, the first in while revved up on NT-4. During a Run he was a mindless killing machine, dangerous to both foe and friend alike. That’s why his fellow Marines gave him a wide berth until he could be put down by the Twilight drug. At that point he was somewhat manageable.

But something was happening to Zac. Long after most other REVs were dead, burned out or ‘retired,’ Zac was growing stronger, more powerful.

He was also doing something no REV has ever done during a Run. He was beginning to think.

The REV Series has been designed for fans of my Human Chronicles Saga, featuring everyone’s larger-than-life hero Adam Cain. If you like stories about super Humans, large scale military operations against deadly aliens, mech warriors and just plain old shoot-em-up science fiction adventure, then REV is for you.

REV: Book 1 of the REV Warriors Series is available for now on Amazon. Click here to view the book’s Amazon page.


FORCE of GRAVITY (The Human Chronicles Saga #22) Available on

The evil Klin have been eating up large chunks of the Milky Way galaxy in their quest for total domination. No one has been been able to even slow them down, let alone eliminate FOGCovMainthe threat. Now Adam Cain and his team have summoned up the dual super-mutants Panur and Lila in a last-ditch effort to save the galaxy. But something’s not right. The five-thousand-year-old immortal alien genius Panur is…dying. So much for being ‘immortal.’ Now Adam must sacrifice a part of himself to save the alien so his genius can be used against the Klin. Will it work? And if it does, what becomes of Adam and his ‘inherited’ super-powers he’s just now learning to use?

Hey, it’s only a galaxy they have to save–again. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem. But with these new complications…who knows what could happen?

FORCE of GRAVITY is available for immediate download on and free to members of Kindle Unlimited. Click here to check out the book on the website.



There comes a time in every writer’s life when…no!

Adam Cain is NOT ending. But the sequential nature of the stories is. The lineal story line of The Human Chronicles comes to an end with Force of Gravity, to be replaced byย  The Human Chronicles Saga: Continuum, an on-going series of military space opera adventures featuring Adam Cain and his friends battling evil forces throughout the galaxy. Sound familiar? Because it is.

What sets these new series of adventures apart is that each book (or two) will be complete stories unto themselves. Whereas the main series was essentially one LONG story, these new books wContCover1ill be more self-contained adventures. By doing so, new readers can enter the series without skipping a beat. And my long-term loyal fans? Nothing changes. Just more challenges, more evil doers, more rip-roaring thrills and sarcastic humor. Just in more bite-size portions.

Adam Cain isn’t going away….he’s just getting started.

The first book in this new (wink, wink) series–Mission Critical–is available for Pre-Order now and will be released on February 27, 2018.

Be sure to reserve your copy today.




Invasion Force — Adam Cain #21

The War with the Klin is going full steam ahead in the latest Human Chronicles novel, Invasion Force by T.R. Harris. Adam Cain and his team have come up with a very rational and realistic IFCover1plan to defeat the invading Klin forces, but it’s their own leadership who gives them the cold shoulder. “Yeah, go ahead,” they say. “But don’t expect any help from us.” It’s an unbelievable situation that leads Adam to resort to desperate measures, which turns him and his team into a band outlaws.

This latest novel in The Human Chronicles Saga is full of twists and turns and unexpected revelations. Old names reemerge, friends become enemies, and Adam Cain becomes more of a superhero. It’s a whirlwind hunt for an answer, a way to defeat the unbeatable. But if anyone can do it, it’s the new and improved Adam Cain.ย 

Invasion Force is now available for immediate download on and available free to members of Kindle Unlimited. Pick up your copy today. Click here to be taken to



In addition….

A bundle of the first five Human Chronicles books is also available (click here). HumanC_Boxset2This is five complete novels…for only $5.99. Not only have these books been re-edited for the bundle, they’ve also been uploaded as individual books in their cleaner, re-edited forms.


And speaking of emails

I want everyone to know that I rarely send out emails other than to announce new releases. I don’t want to be that guy who spams you every week–or more–with a whole barrage of notes, messages and other meaningless trivia. You get enough emails as it is. Yet if you want to be added to my list so you will be notified of truly important things–such as pre-orders and final book releases, then please subscribe.ย  Just click below.

Thanks everyone. Rest assured…more books are coming!

Tom (T.R.) Harris (Jan. 2, 2018)

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AboutTom's New Stock Photo The Human Chronicles Saga & Author T.R. Harris

T.R. (Tom) Harris is the author The Human Chronicles Saga series of books, an exciting tale of space adventure which has been one of the bestselling science fiction series on Amazon since October, 2011.

The series is up to 22 books now, with #23 in the works and scheduled for release on February 27, 2018.

What sets The Human Chronicles apart from other science fiction books on the market is the unique aspect of the story line — namely that HUMANS are the Supermen in the galaxy.

As the hero of the series — ex-Navy SEAL Adam Cain — ventures farther into the galaxy and jumps from one adventure to the next, he finds that he’s stronger, faster and more coordinated than just about every alien he encounters. And the fact that he’s been abducted from Earth has put Adam in a very bad mood. Now imagine Superman with a bad attitude, and you have some idea what Adam Cain can do to an unsuspecting universe. As the tagline for the series goes … Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude and throughout his adventures, he makes the aliens pay for putting him in such a bad mood.

Definitely not for the faint-at-heart or the squeamish, The Human Chronicles Sagaย is a gritty look at the tougher side of Humanity. We are the dominate killers on our own planet — and out in space we’re just as deadly. Political correctness has no place in The Human Chronicles — even though a down-to-earth sense of humor does. This series will have you laughing and fist-pumping all the way through — and often crying out, “I can’t believe he just did that!”

Check out the entire series. It’s definitely a different take on the whole Aliens vs Humans theme. Don’t mess with the Humans!


29 thoughts on “The Beginning of a whole new adventure: REV!

    • Hi Sam,

      I’ll put you on the list as one of my beta readers. The new book should be done by the 20th, then I do a quick read-through to catch the major stuff. I should have a PDF copy (or Word if you prefer) out to you by the first of December. Thanks for helping.

      T.R. (Tom) Harris

  1. Love your books. Can’t wait for book 2 can you be more specific when it will be available? Hope the adventure continues. Thanks for giving us a hero in Adam Caine.

  2. Hi Tom: Really enjoy your books. Problem is waiting for them to get out to us readers. You said the next book (Starlight Falls) would be out by Christmas. Do you have an update yet? I would love to be a proof reader for your writings. I am 78 years old and spend most of my time reading on my Kindle Fire and am up to #787 books since I started keeping track. So….. please keep them coming, especially Adam Cain.

  3. Try as I might I cannot seem to find “galaxy to conquer ” book 3of3 of the 2nd part. Has something changed? Kindle Ebook for iphone

  4. Hi Tom
    Just discovered your books for Kindle a month ago, have now read all up to the Apex Predator couldn’t get enough of them thanks.
    Eagerly awaiting the next one great stuff, I’m 78 and have been an avid SciFi reader since I was 16.


  5. Just finished the Apex Predator, I do believe I am ready for my next fix Mr Harris ๐Ÿ™‚
    When can we expect the last book in the series?
    Kind regards, Andrew

  6. Where do you get your character names, lol? I was interesting when you spoke of Middleton and Hill being on the Seal squad (Middleton, mother’s maiden) but when you mentioned Randy I had to smile! I really enjoy you books.

  7. Hi Mr Harris
    I would love to be a beta reader if you still have a need for them.
    Of course, I also need my fix! What’s the timeline looking like for your next book?

  8. Hi Tom. Love your books. I just finished The Enclaves Of Sylox and found it to be a most enjoyable read. Being a big fan of humanity myself, I find your books (The Human Chronicles Series and now the Jason King Adventures) to be extremely entertaining and relatable. I would love to be on your list of beta readers if you could use yet another. I have 10 yrs of experience as a Tech Manuals editor for the Air Force when I was in Civil Service and would love to help out if you need another set of eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚ But either way, keep those great books coming!

  9. Tom, I got your first book for the Human Chronicles series free from Amazon. I would have paid 9 bucks for this awesome cool original story you have written. I am half way through the second book and love this mysterious twist in the plot you have going on. I think this would make a hit movie series if you can get someone to look at it. I am now one of your committed readers, looking forward to the rest of the series.

  10. Hi Tom. Congratulations! The Enclaves of Sylox was just selected as one of the Top Picks of the Day on We are the only website solely dedicated to promoting FREE and Discounted Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. Your book is now on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and has been sent out in an email to all of our subscribers. Well done! Let your fans know all about it!

  11. Good morning!!! Love your books! Just downloaded the last two, and plan on reading them as fast as I can. Also downloaded the first of the series “The Enclaves of Sylox”. Please don’t stop writing!!

  12. Hi Tom, I just finished the Masters of War and can’t wait for the next instalment. I hope it is still scheduled for Feb 2015. I too am happy to proof read if it means I get to read it earlier than the official release date. I am still happy to pay as they are definitely worth the money. Cheers

  13. Mr Harris how do you do it?
    How can you just keep coming out with brilliant book after brilliant book ?
    Do you have any suggestions for begginers ?
    Did you write an outline of where you wanted to start or does it just evolve as you write?
    I’m actually in awe !

  14. Anyone else having issues opening latest book(s) in Amazon Cloud Reader? Is this being actively blocked for some reason? very frustrating as I cannot bring my kindle to work, and now cannot read at lunch time! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I paid for my book, why can I not read it on all my kindle ‘devices’ for which the cloud reader is advertised as being such.

    Is this something the author is doing? or does the author know this is being done to his books now?

  15. T.R. You are a masterful writer I have to say. My only complaint is WHY DID YOU END IT LIKE THAT!!!!! I loved Invasion Force and I can’t wait to read the next one. One another note when is the new book you mentioned a few weeks ago coming out? I have read most of your work and I know whatever you write I am going to read it and I know it will be AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the great books.

  16. Loved the new REV book! Can’t wait for the next one in the series. Been a long time fan of the Adam Cain series as well!

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