Old aliens with attitude never die …

I know it’s been a while since I updated my website. That’s because I’ve switched a lot of my activity and notices over to my Facebook Fan Page — Fans of T.R. Harris and The Human Chronicles Saga. It allows me to be more interactive with my fans. We have a lot of fun and some great chats. I would recommend you sign up.

As far as recent releases…

I have been busy. I ‘officially’ ended The Human Chronicles on July 29, 2019 … but not really. In October, I started The Adam Cain Saga, which follows Adam and friends as they attempt to start new lives on the planet Liave-3. You might remember the planet as the place where Copernicus Smith had his starship repair facility back in The Copernicus Deception. Of course, the galaxy won’t leave them alone and they get into a number of adventures, some quite serious, but each fun and exciting.

I just released the 5th book in this ‘new’ series. It’s called Dark Energy. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to go back to book #1 — The Dead Worlds — to help get the lay of the land. Although the books are still more-or-less sequential, it’s a little easier now to pick up each individual book and still enjoy the story without having read the others. Still, to get the full feel for the story, it’s best to start with book #1.

Another thing. The Adam Cain books are a little shorter than The Human Chronicles because I’m putting a new book out every month in 2020. The 6th book in the series — Universal Law — will be out on May 23, 2020. It’s available for pre-order now.

I’m including links and covers for all the books in the series. Just click on the covers to be taken to the order page. Check them out. It’s still Adam Cain and friends, with all that implies.

Remember, old aliens with attitude never die, they just change series names.

T.R. Harris

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Phantoms makes its debut!

The latest Adam Cain adventure is now available on Amazon.com.

, the 27th book in The Human Chronicles Saga, is done and out.

The next book — Terminus Rising — will be out at the end of June 2019. I’m setting up a pre-order for that book, so be looking for it.

Phantoms begins a new quest for Adam and the gang, although a lot of the storyline is related to past events. It speaks of the troubles Adam and Summer Rains are going through from their contacts with the immortal mutants Panur and J’nae. It also reveals what the surviving immortal Aris have been up to for the past two years and an impending catastrophe they’ve been trying to head off.


The book is full of action, adventure and humor, along with mysteries and revelations.

Pick up your copy of Phantoms today by clicking here.



Destroyer of Worlds is Now Available (Adam Cain #26)

Yeah, it’s hard to believe there are now 26 novels in The Human Chronicles Saga.

Destroyer of Worlds released on March 11 and is doing great. The reviews and other feedback I’ve gotten have all been positive. DoWCover

This is the third novel in the tale of the Mad Aris Kracion and his efforts to conquer the galaxy. And with the clock ticking, Adam Cain and his team are desperate to stop him before his efforts reach an unstoppable critical mass. But with the help of the mutants Panur and Lila — along with a new character I hope you’ll like — they just may pull off the impossible.

Check out the latest Adam Cain novel, Destroyer of Worlds today. Follow the link here:


… to be taken to the Amazon product page. As with all my books, this one is also in Kindle Unlimited. So purchase it or rent it, the choice is yours. Just do one or the other … or I will be sad.



-T.R. (Tom) Harris

P.S. I have also just released the 4th Box Set in The Human Chronicles Saga, featuring books 16-20 in the series. This is five complete novels for oneBox Set 4 super-discounted price and all in one package. I now have the first 20 books in the series in box sets. Check them out. They’re also available in Kindle Unlimited.


New T.R. Harris Facebook Fan Page Just Set Up

Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking for a better way to interact with my fans on a more immediate and intimate level than just my website. So I’m excited to announce I recently started the Fans of T.R. Harris and The Human Chronicles Saga Facebook page as a way to make this possible.

I try to post there once a day, although I’m currently working on book #26 in the Adam Cain series, Destroyer of Worlds, so it’s been more like every other day recently. But I invite all my fans to sign-up. I’m looking to engage with you regarding all my writing, plus to read your feedback, feelings and impressions. I’ll even ask your advice regarding story plots, scenes, characters and more. It’s designed to be fun, and most of all, interactive.

You can reach the site by clicking below:


Hope to see you on the site!

T.R. (Tom) Harris

The 4th book in the REV Warriors Series is now available on Amazon.com

That’s right, REV: Revolution was released on Dec. 28th and is now available for immediate download on Amazon.com.

FinalREV4CoverThis is the 4th book in the series and is full of great superhuman action, including against evil aliens and conniving Humans. The story has grown over the series, becoming more complex and more critical for Lt. Zac Murphy and his group of natural REVs. The following is a brief introduction without giving away too many of the secrets:

As the story of the REVs continue, the forces at work–either to destroy these enhanced super-warriors or to promote them–come together in a fight for the destiny of  Human evolution. And while the powers-that-be are tearing themselves apart with this internal struggle, mankind also faces the continuing threat of the alien Antaere … plus something new from outside the Grid. Just when the Humans thought they had the war won, this new threat appears on the scene and messes up everything.

Once again Mankind calls on the REVs to save the day. But are they enough? Lt. Zac Murphy and his natural REVs are caught in the middle of both a political and philosophical tug-of-war for the destiny of the Human race and the survival of the species.

Can Zac do it? Can he lead his REVs to victory? I wouldn’t bet against him. After all,  Zac isn’t just a new breed of REV…he’s a new breed of Man….

The story expands in REV: Revolution, as hidden realities become exposed and new threats and twists are introduced. Each chapter becomes more involved, more intricate. This is military sci-fi beyond just the space battles and combat tactics. This is about human nature reacting in the face of incredible challenges, as well as societal changes taking place. Will we rise to the challenge, or will we let our own fears and ambitions destroy us?

As with all the books in the REV Warriors Series, this is a story of plots and sub-plots, interstellar intrigue and political maneuverings. And throughout it all…incredible battles against aliens on exotic worlds, as well as the space in between. But when you’re engineered supermen–stronger, faster and more durable than the enemy–nothing is beyond your abilities. Or is it? Especially when your greatest enemy could be standing right next to you….

Be sure to pick up your copy of REV: Revolution today.

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