Phantoms makes its debut!

The latest Adam Cain adventure is now available on

, the 27th book in The Human Chronicles Saga, is done and out.

The next book — Terminus Rising — will be out at the end of June 2019. I’m setting up a pre-order for that book, so be looking for it.

Phantoms begins a new quest for Adam and the gang, although a lot of the storyline is related to past events. It speaks of the troubles Adam and Summer Rains are going through from their contacts with the immortal mutants Panur and J’nae. It also reveals what the surviving immortal Aris have been up to for the past two years and an impending catastrophe they’ve been trying to head off.


The book is full of action, adventure and humor, along with mysteries and revelations.

Pick up your copy of Phantoms today by clicking here.



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