Adam Cain #12 is done…and heading to the editor.

The latest book in The Human Chronicles Saga is done and in the editing stage. I’m estimating that When Earth Reigned Supreme will be available on Amazon by the 10th of March, if not sooner. Be watching your email (for those of you on my email list) or this blog for notification when the book becomes available.

In this story, Adam Cain and Riyad Tarazi lead a team of Human commandos into the Sol-Kor universe on a mission to assassinate the Queen of the alien Colony. When you’re going up against a trillion aliens, it’s a pretty good bet your mission could become a suicide mission. But when you combine the tenacity and resourcefulness of Adam and Riyad, anything become possible.

When Earth Reigned Supreme is over-the-top space opera action. Once the team enters no-man’s-land (literally), there’s no rest until the mission either succeeds…or fails. So for fans of the series, allot the proper amount of alone-time as required, because this one is non-stop action from beginning to end.

I get winded just thinking about it….

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