Book Update from T.R. Harris

The newest Adam Cain book is out. Last Species Standing

LSSCoverThe latest…

The Human Chronicles #20 is now available for immediate download on It’s titled Last Species Standing, and follows the adventures of Adam Cain and his team as they fight off galactic bounty hunters looking to cash in on a massive reward offered by the Nuoreans. It seems the aliens from Andromeda didn’t appreciate the fact that the team destroyed their homeworld, and now they’ve set the entire Milky Way against our heroes. And just when you think they’ve got that challenge licked, another one shows up. An old enemy who has reappeared, stronger and more deadly than ever, and they’re not only a risk to Adam and his friends, but to the entire galaxy. But unlike other would-be galactic conquerors, these guys could actually pull it off.

Click here to be taken the Last Species Standing. The adventure awaits.

A bundle of the first five Human Chronicles books is also available (click here). This is five complete novels…for only $5.99. Not only have these books been re-edited for the bundle, they’ve now been uploaded as individual books in their cleaner, re-edited forms.

A New Series:

I also began work on a new series, one designed specially for my fans, and checking all the boxes for the things you love about The Human Chronicles Saga: space battles, lethal alien enemies, super-human abilities, military action, betrayal, redemption…and of course, humor. It’s the story of a group of elite future soldiers, who are juiced up with a drug called Rev. They’re wound up and pointed at the enemy, designed to breach alien strongholds so the main Marine force can follow. Think of The Incredible Hulk without the bulk! But what happens when one of these Rev warriors begins to retain some of his super-human abilities even after the drug has worn off? And what happens when he begins to have more control over his emotions and actions than he does as a mindless killing machine? And what does the government do when they lose control of their ultimate weapon? It’s bang-up action from start to finish. Or at least it will be when I get done with it. The first of the Rev series will be out in August. I’ll let you know when in a new email.


And speaking of emails, I want everyone to know that I rarely send out emails other than to announce new releases. I don’t want to be that guy who spams you every week–or more–with a whole barrage of notes, messages and other meaningless trivia. You get enough emails as it is. Yet if you want to be added to my list so you will be notified of truly important things–such as pre-orders and final book releases, then please subscribe.  Just click below.

Thanks everyone. Rest assured…more books are coming!

Tom (T.R.) Harris (July 29, 2017)

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