Adam Cain #22 is now available on Force of Gravity

FOGCovMainNEW on the Market: FORCE of GRAVITY (The Human Chronicles Saga #22)

The evil Klin have been eating up large chunks of the Milky Way galaxy in their quest for total domination. No one has been been able to even slow them down, let alone eliminate the threat. Now Adam Cain and his team have summoned up the dual super-mutants Panur and Lila in a last-ditch effort to save the galaxy. But something’s not right. The five-thousand-year-old immortal alien genius Panur is…dying. So much for being ‘immortal.’ Now Adam must sacrifice a part of himself to save the alien so his genius can be used against the Klin. Will it work? And if it does, what becomes of Adam and his ‘inherited’ super-powers he’s just now learning to use?

Hey, it’s only a galaxy they have to save–again. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem. But with these new complications…who knows what could happen?

FORCE of GRAVITY is available for immediate download on and free to members of Kindle Unlimited. Click here to check out the book on the website.



There comes a time in every writer’s life when…no!

Adam Cain is NOT ending. But the sequential nature of the stories is. The lineal story line of The Human Chronicles comes to an end with Force of Gravity, to be replaced by  The Human Chronicles Saga: Continuum, an on-going series of military space opera adventures featuring Adam Cain and his friends battling evil forces throughout the galaxy. Sound familiar? Because it is.

What sets these new series of adventures apart is that each book (or two) will be complete stories unto themselves. Whereas the main series was essentially one LONG story, these new books wContCover1ill be more self-contained adventures. By doing so, new readers can enter the series without skipping a beat. And my long-term loyal fans? Nothing changes. Just more challenges, more evil doers, more rip-roaring thrills and sarcastic humor. Just in more bite-size portions.

Adam Cain isn’t going away….he’s just getting started.

The first book in this new (wink, wink) series–Mission Critical–is available for Pre-Order now and will be released on February 27, 2018.

Be sure to reserve your copy today.

revcov3 (2)

Check out my New Series: REV Warriors

Among other things, I’m working on a new series, one designed specially for my fans, and checking all the boxes for the things you love about The Human Chronicles Saga: space battles, lethal alien enemies, super-human abilities, military action, betrayal, redemption…and of course, humor.

It’s the story of a group of elite future soldiers, who are juiced up on a drug called REV. They’re wound up and pointed at the enemy, designed to breach alien strongholds so the main Marine force can follow. Think of The Incredible Hulk without the Bulk! But what happens when one of these REV warriors begins to retain some of his super-human abilities even after the drug has worn off? And what happens when he begins to have more control over his emotions and actions than he did as a mindless killing machine? What does the government do when they lose control of their ultimate weapon? It’s bang-up action from start to finish…with a long trail of dead aliens along the way.

REV: Book 1 of the REV Warriors Series is available for Pre-Order now. Click here to view the book’s Amazon page. RELEASE DATE: January 29, 2018.

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