The 4th book in the REV Warriors Series is now available on

That’s right, REV: Revolution was released on Dec. 28th and is now available for immediate download on

FinalREV4CoverThis is the 4th book in the series and is full of great superhuman action, including against evil aliens and conniving Humans. The story has grown over the series, becoming more complex and more critical for Lt. Zac Murphy and his group of natural REVs. The following is a brief introduction without giving away too many of the secrets:

As the story of the REVs continue, the forces at work–either to destroy these enhanced super-warriors or to promote them–come together in a fight for the destiny of  Human evolution. And while the powers-that-be are tearing themselves apart with this internal struggle, mankind also faces the continuing threat of the alien Antaere … plus something new from outside the Grid. Just when the Humans thought they had the war won, this new threat appears on the scene and messes up everything.

Once again Mankind calls on the REVs to save the day. But are they enough? Lt. Zac Murphy and his natural REVs are caught in the middle of both a political and philosophical tug-of-war for the destiny of the Human race and the survival of the species.

Can Zac do it? Can he lead his REVs to victory? I wouldn’t bet against him. After all,  Zac isn’t just a new breed of REV…he’s a new breed of Man….

The story expands in REV: Revolution, as hidden realities become exposed and new threats and twists are introduced. Each chapter becomes more involved, more intricate. This is military sci-fi beyond just the space battles and combat tactics. This is about human nature reacting in the face of incredible challenges, as well as societal changes taking place. Will we rise to the challenge, or will we let our own fears and ambitions destroy us?

As with all the books in the REV Warriors Series, this is a story of plots and sub-plots, interstellar intrigue and political maneuverings. And throughout it all…incredible battles against aliens on exotic worlds, as well as the space in between. But when you’re engineered supermen–stronger, faster and more durable than the enemy–nothing is beyond your abilities. Or is it? Especially when your greatest enemy could be standing right next to you….

Be sure to pick up your copy of REV: Revolution today.

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