Adam Cain is peaking around the corner!

That’s right, folks! The next Adam Cain novel will be out around the 27th of July.

Tentatively entitled: Prelude to Invasion, I feel this book is the best in the series.

It takes place a few years after the events of The Masters of War and introduces a whole new set of villains, nefarious aliens, and galaxy-size adventure. Of course, Adam, Riyad and Sherri are smack dab in the middle of all the trouble, and their unique talents are once more called upon to save the Human race from extinction.

As the mystery unfolds, the pace really picks up, as mighty fleets from both Earth and Juir combine to counter the gravest threat the Milk Way Galaxy has ever faced, along with the enemy’s new partners-in-conquest: the Klin.

And pulling the strings behind the scenes is a new character–Panur–a five-thousand-year-old mutant genius from another dimension who takes a liking to Adam and his gang, fascinated with their unique way of dealing with life…and each other.

As always, the book is an action-filled page-turner with a healthy sampling of street-wise humor thrown in for good measure.

I have one underlying goal when writing a book: Never let readers catch their breath! Keep the adventure coming all the way from the beginning to the thrilling conclusion.

My books have been called addicting. Well all you addicts out there…here comes your latest fix!

The Human Chronicles Saga, Book 10: Prelude to Invasion

Another note:

I’ll have another book out in mid-August.

It’s something a little different, a military techo/thriller entitled: Day of the Drone.

Set a few years in the future, the book details a time when terrorists have begun to use simple Radio Shack-type drones to carryout  attacks within the United States and elsewhere, and how a new governmental agency copes with the threat. When the agency itself taken out by an enemy drone attack, its lead operator/pilot ends up in a desperate race to not only stay one step ahead of the killers pursuing him, but to also locate and neutralize the mastermind behind the attack on his base. With America’s only safeguard against the drones gone, it’s a free-for-all of attack after bloody attack, as the country spirals into chaos and political turmoil. With the nation on the verge of collapse, a hero is needed–and he appears in the unlikely role as the best drone operator in the country: Xander Moore.

As your can tell, Day of the Drone is a non-stop thrill ride, chronicling events which could happen at a time just around the corner.

This book could be called science fiction, however, with the proliferation of drone usage these days–from being used as toys, all the way up to the most advanced military weaponry– this story is cutting-edge and pulled from the headlines. The Day of the Drone answers the one scary, yet poignant question: What If? 

Rest assured, it’s still a T.R. Harris book, with the same compact writing style, same sense of humor, and same attention to action and adventure.

Be looking for The Day of the Drone by T.R. Harris around August 15, 2015.

T.R. (Tom) Harris, July 2015

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