It’s Almost Here!

Spaceship Leaving the Docks

I know I’ve been absent from my own website for a while. No excuses, just working on other projects.

And one of the most exciting projects I’ve been working on is a new sci-fi series in collaboration with a writer friend of mine George Wier.

This is some wild space opera involving pirates, alien empires, political intrigue, betrayal, redemption and hair-raising suspense. You know, just the usual stuff.

The first book is called Captains Malicious and it’s #1 in The Liberation Series. We plan on having the book available on Amazon sometime on Monday, April 13, and with it coming online on Apple, Barnes & Nobel and Kobo shortly thereafter. It will also be available in print through Amazon’s print-on-demand service.

As with all my books, I’ll be sending out a mass email to all my subscribers letting you know when the book is live and with links to it.

And now a brief synopsis:


Mankind has ventured out among the stars and begun colonizing sections of the Orion-Cygnus Arm of the galaxy. Prior to humanity’s most recent foray further in towards the core of the galaxy, an area call the Reaches was the extent of man’s expansion. Yet once we move further in–to an area called the Shadowlands–Humans encounter their first intelligent, space-faring alien race, the Vixx’r. As would be expected, war breaks out between the Humans and Vixx’r, and with resources stretched to the limit, the government of mankind–(the United Peoples of Earth (UPE)–withdraws from the Shadowlands and forms a defensive line in a region of space called the Midlands. As a consequence, the government skips over the Reaches without even attempting a defense and allows the colony to be annexed by the aliens.

It’s been six long years of alien occupation for the Reaches when the story opens. Now a former-Naval officer named Robert Kincaid is given a secret charter by the UPE to begin a campaign of disruption and harassment of the alien presence within the colony under the guise of piracy. Kincaid is conflicted by his new assignment, preferring the honorable path of military against military, rather than attacking simply for the treasure to be gained. Yet it’s all for a nobler purpose. The problem he runs into early on is finding enough recruits to form crews for his growing pirate fleet. As a result, he ends up with a menagerie of odd personalities, skill-levels and ulterior motives.

As the story progresses, Kincaid and his pirates stumble upon a diabolical plot by the Vixx’r to…well that’s the story, isn’t it? Rest assured there’s a lot at stake and a mad rush against insurmountable odds to save the day.

As with all my books there’s action, adventure, exotic locales and street-wise humor, along with a group of unlikely heroes fighting against incredible odds to achieve their goal. The story idea came from George’s fertile and creative mind, and together we found a synergy which is hard to beat. After all, two heads are better than one!

Be expecting the email from me within the next few days. And if you’re not a subscriber, go to Amazon and search for Captains Malicious by T.R. Harris and George Wier (but not until next week!).

I hope you enjoy this new series…and once you’ve read Captain’s Malicious, please post a review on Amazon. It would be greatly appreciated.

T.R. (Tom) Harris

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