Phantoms makes its debut!

The latest Adam Cain adventure is now available on

, the 27th book in The Human Chronicles Saga, is done and out.

The next book — Terminus Rising — will be out at the end of June 2019. I’m setting up a pre-order for that book, so be looking for it.

Phantoms begins a new quest for Adam and the gang, although a lot of the storyline is related to past events. It speaks of the troubles Adam and Summer Rains are going through from their contacts with the immortal mutants Panur and J’nae. It also reveals what the surviving immortal Aris have been up to for the past two years and an impending catastrophe they’ve been trying to head off.


The book is full of action, adventure and humor, along with mysteries and revelations.

Pick up your copy of Phantoms today by clicking here.



Destroyer of Worlds — The Human Chronicles Saga # 26 — is available.

It’s hard to believe there are now 26 novels in The Human Chronicles Saga.

Destroyer of Worlds released on March 11 and is doing great. The reviews and other feedback I’ve gotten have all been positive. DoWCover

This is the third novel in the tale of the Mad Aris Kracion and his efforts to conquer the galaxy. And with the clock ticking, Adam Cain and his team are desperate to stop him before his efforts reach an unstoppable critical mass. But with the help of the mutants Panur and Lila — along with a new character I hope you’ll like — they just may pull off the impossible.

Check out the latest Adam Cain novel, Destroyer of Worlds today. Follow the link here:

… to be taken to the Amazon product page. As with all my books, this one is also in Kindle Unlimited. So purchase it or rent it, the choice is yours. Just do one or the other … or I will be sad.



-T.R. (Tom) Harris

P.S. I have also just released the 4th Box Set in The Human Chronicles Saga, featuring books 16-20 in the series. This is five complete novels for oneBox Set 4 super-discounted price and all in one package. I now have the first 20 books in the series in box sets. Check them out. They’re also available in Kindle Unlimited.





New Facebook Fan Page Set Up!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking for a better way to interact with my fans on a more immediate and intimate level than just my website. So I’m excited to announce I recently started the Fans of T.R. Harris and The Human Chronicles Saga Facebook page as a way to make this possible.

I try to post there once a day, although I’m currently working on book #26 in the Adam Cain series, Destroyer of Worlds, so it’s been more like every other day recently. But I invite all my fans to sign-up. I’m looking to engage with you regarding all my writing, plus to read your feedback, feelings and impressions. I’ll even ask your advice regarding story plots, scenes, characters and more. It’s designed to be fun, and most of all, interactive.

You can reach the site by clicking below:

Hope to see you on the site!

T.R. (Tom) Harris



The 4th book in the REV Warriors Series is now available on

The 4th book in the REV Warriors Series is now available on Amazon.comThat’s right, REV: Revolution was released on Dec. 28th and is now available for immediate download on

FinalREV4CoverThis is the 4th book in the series and is full of great superhuman action, including against evil aliens and conniving Humans. The story has grown over the series, becoming more complex and more critical for Lt. Zac Murphy and his group of natural REVs. The following is a brief introduction without giving away too many of the secrets:

As the story of the REVs continue, the forces at work–either to destroy these enhanced super-warriors or to promote them–come together in a fight for the destiny of  Human evolution. And while the powers-that-be are tearing themselves apart with this internal struggle, mankind also faces the continuing threat of the alien Antaere … plus something new from outside the Grid. Just when the Humans thought they had the war won, this new threat appears on the scene and messes up everything.

Once again Mankind calls on the REVs to save the day. But are they enough? Lt. Zac Murphy and his natural REVs are caught in the middle of both a political and philosophical tug-of-war for the destiny of the Human race and the survival of the species.

Can Zac do it? Can he lead his REVs to victory? I wouldn’t bet against him. After all,  Zac isn’t just a new breed of REV…he’s a new breed of Man….

The story expands in REV: Revolution, as hidden realities become exposed and new threats and twists are introduced. Each chapter becomes more involved, more intricate. This is military sci-fi beyond just the space battles and combat tactics. This is about human nature reacting in the face of incredible challenges, as well as societal changes taking place. Will we rise to the challenge, or will we let our own fears and ambitions destroy us?

As with all the books in the REV Warriors Series, this is a story of plots and sub-plots, interstellar intrigue and political maneuverings. And throughout it all…incredible battles against aliens on exotic worlds, as well as the space in between. But when you’re engineered supermen–stronger, faster and more durable than the enemy–nothing is beyond your abilities. Or is it? Especially when your greatest enemy could be standing right next to you….

Be sure to pick up your copy of REV: Revolution today.

And sign up for my email list and receive three free books plus a short story detailing how Adam Cain came to be abducted by the Klin in The Human Chronicles Saga. You can find the sign-up link in the front and back of all my books. (Note: I’m still working on the auto responder for this giveaway. But anyone who signs up will get the free books/story story once the system is up and running. I promise.)


The Immortal War (Adam Cain #25) is now available! The hits just keep on coming.

The Immortal War, the followup to The Lost Universe, is now available on

This is The Human Chronicles Saga #25, and continues with Adam’s fight against the ImmortalCoverFinalevil Aris named Kracion. It’s a mad race to keep Kracion from becoming immortal through the assimilation of the mutants Lila and Panur. If he’s successful, then nothing can stop him from conquering the galaxy and becoming the immortal god he and the Aris have worked three billions years to become. Like all the books in the Saga, this one is another roller coaster ride of thrilling space opera adventure. Pick up your copy today by clicking here.

Also, the next installment within this story arc–Destroyer of Worlds–is scheduled for release in December 2018, just before Christmas. Mark you calendars, or just subscribe to my email list. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

And speaking of emails

I want everyone to know that I rarely send out emails other than to announce new releases. Also, I NEVER sell or share my email list with anyone. I don’t want to be that guy who spams you every week–or more–with a whole barrage of notes, messages and other meaningless trivia. You get enough emails as it is. Yet if you want to be added to my list so you will be notified of truly important things–such as pre-orders and final book releases, then please subscribe.  Just click below.

Subscribe to Email List

In addition….

I now have three box sets available containing the first 15 books in The Human Chronicles Saga. Not only have these books been re-edited for the box sets, they’ve also been uploaded as individual books in their cleaner, re-edited forms.FirstBundleCovernew

Each set is priced at only $9.99. I’m not a math wiz, but that works out to be something like $2.00 per book! Just click on the image to be taken to to purchase.

Also note:

All my books are available FREE to members of KINDLE UNLIMITED. Talk about a deal! And with the box sets, you can get five books in each set while only having them count as one borrow. So click and read away.


Box Set #3 is now available… BoxSet3Cover




There’s still a lot more space opera and military sci-fi adventure to come!


By Nov. 6th, I will have the following books out in audio form:

The Human Chronicles:

Now Available: The Fringe Worlds, Alien Assassin, The War of Pawns.

Coming Oct. 30:  The Tactics of Revenge

REV Warriors:

Now Available: REV 1

Coming Nov. 6: REV: Renegades

Be looking for my email announcements as more audiobooks become available.


The first three books in the REV Warriors Series are all out on Check them out.

They include:


REV: Renegades

REV: Rebirth





Please check them out (you can link to the books by clicking on the cover images).


What is The REV Warriors Series…

REVs are mankind’s ultimate mechanized warriors, chemically-enhanced Marines with super strength, speed and durability, and the closest thing Humanity has to real-life, homegrown supermen. They’re also Earth’s not-so-secret weapon against the alien Antaere, habitually leaving wide swaths of enemy dead everywhere they go. They’re respected by our allies and feared by our foes.

That is until a recent REV mission goes horribly wrong, turning the planets of the Grid against the Humans.

Now Lt. Zac Murphy and his team of super REVs are hunted by the aliens and hated by their fellow Humans. Only by proving that the original mission was a setup from the beginning can they clear their names and restore the reputation of the REVs.

But that’s easier said than done, especially when everyone on a dozen worlds knows your name and your face, and there’s nowhere to hide. And as the REVs fight for redemption, Zac learns a terrible truth about the Program, a truth that will impact the future of mankind:

Zac is not only a new breed of REV…he’s a new breed of man….

From heroes to hunted in the blink of an eye, it’s a strange game fate plays. Will the REVs have the skill and ability not only to play the game…but to survive it as well? That remains to be seen.  

I created the REV Warriors Series for fans of my The Human Chronicles Saga, which feature the larger-than-life hero Adam Cain. This new series has all the same adventure and sense of wonder you’ll find in The Chronicles, yet with a little more science. REV takes place in a different time and setting from the Adam Cain adventures, but written in the same style you’ve come to expect from my stories. I received good feedback on the first book in the series (REV) and would welcome yours, as well. You can contact me by email at:

So, there you have it. If you like stories about Super Humans, large-scale military operations against deadly aliens, mech warriors and just plain old shoot-em-up science fiction adventure, then REV is right up your alley.

I would appreciate you giving the series a try.  Click here if you’re interested in learning more.


T.R. (Tom) Harris


AboutTom's New Stock Photo The Human Chronicles Saga & Author T.R. Harris

T.R. (Tom) Harris is the author The Human Chronicles Saga series of books, an exciting tale of space adventure which has been one of the bestselling science fiction series on Amazon since October, 2011.

The series is up to 25 books now, with #26 in the works and scheduled for release on in December 2018.

What sets The Human Chronicles apart from other science fiction books on the market is the unique aspect of the story line — namely that HUMANS are the Supermen in the galaxy.

As the hero of the series — ex-Navy SEAL Adam Cain — ventures farther into the galaxy and jumps from one adventure to the next, he finds that he’s stronger, faster and more coordinated than just about every alien he encounters. And the fact that he’s been abducted from Earth has put Adam in a very bad mood. Now imagine Superman with a bad attitude, and you have some idea what Adam Cain can do to an unsuspecting universe. As the tagline for the series goes … Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude and throughout his adventures, he makes the aliens pay for putting him in such a bad mood.

Definitely not for the faint-at-heart or the squeamish, The Human Chronicles Saga is a gritty look at the tougher side of Humanity. We are the dominate killers on our own planet — and out in space we’re just as deadly. Political correctness has no place in The Human Chronicles — even though a down-to-earth sense of humor does. This series will have you laughing and fist-pumping all the way through — and often crying out, “I can’t believe he just did that!”

Check out the entire series. It’s definitely a different take on the whole Aliens vs Humans theme. Don’t mess with the Humans!


36 thoughts on “Phantoms makes its debut!

    • Hi Sam,

      I’ll put you on the list as one of my beta readers. The new book should be done by the 20th, then I do a quick read-through to catch the major stuff. I should have a PDF copy (or Word if you prefer) out to you by the first of December. Thanks for helping.

      T.R. (Tom) Harris

  1. Love your books. Can’t wait for book 2 can you be more specific when it will be available? Hope the adventure continues. Thanks for giving us a hero in Adam Caine.

  2. Hi Tom: Really enjoy your books. Problem is waiting for them to get out to us readers. You said the next book (Starlight Falls) would be out by Christmas. Do you have an update yet? I would love to be a proof reader for your writings. I am 78 years old and spend most of my time reading on my Kindle Fire and am up to #787 books since I started keeping track. So….. please keep them coming, especially Adam Cain.

  3. Try as I might I cannot seem to find “galaxy to conquer ” book 3of3 of the 2nd part. Has something changed? Kindle Ebook for iphone

  4. Hi Tom
    Just discovered your books for Kindle a month ago, have now read all up to the Apex Predator couldn’t get enough of them thanks.
    Eagerly awaiting the next one great stuff, I’m 78 and have been an avid SciFi reader since I was 16.


  5. Just finished the Apex Predator, I do believe I am ready for my next fix Mr Harris 🙂
    When can we expect the last book in the series?
    Kind regards, Andrew

  6. Where do you get your character names, lol? I was interesting when you spoke of Middleton and Hill being on the Seal squad (Middleton, mother’s maiden) but when you mentioned Randy I had to smile! I really enjoy you books.

  7. Hi Mr Harris
    I would love to be a beta reader if you still have a need for them.
    Of course, I also need my fix! What’s the timeline looking like for your next book?

  8. Hi Tom. Love your books. I just finished The Enclaves Of Sylox and found it to be a most enjoyable read. Being a big fan of humanity myself, I find your books (The Human Chronicles Series and now the Jason King Adventures) to be extremely entertaining and relatable. I would love to be on your list of beta readers if you could use yet another. I have 10 yrs of experience as a Tech Manuals editor for the Air Force when I was in Civil Service and would love to help out if you need another set of eyes. 🙂 But either way, keep those great books coming!

  9. Tom, I got your first book for the Human Chronicles series free from Amazon. I would have paid 9 bucks for this awesome cool original story you have written. I am half way through the second book and love this mysterious twist in the plot you have going on. I think this would make a hit movie series if you can get someone to look at it. I am now one of your committed readers, looking forward to the rest of the series.

  10. Hi Tom. Congratulations! The Enclaves of Sylox was just selected as one of the Top Picks of the Day on We are the only website solely dedicated to promoting FREE and Discounted Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. Your book is now on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and has been sent out in an email to all of our subscribers. Well done! Let your fans know all about it!

  11. Good morning!!! Love your books! Just downloaded the last two, and plan on reading them as fast as I can. Also downloaded the first of the series “The Enclaves of Sylox”. Please don’t stop writing!!

  12. Hi Tom, I just finished the Masters of War and can’t wait for the next instalment. I hope it is still scheduled for Feb 2015. I too am happy to proof read if it means I get to read it earlier than the official release date. I am still happy to pay as they are definitely worth the money. Cheers

  13. Mr Harris how do you do it?
    How can you just keep coming out with brilliant book after brilliant book ?
    Do you have any suggestions for begginers ?
    Did you write an outline of where you wanted to start or does it just evolve as you write?
    I’m actually in awe !

  14. Anyone else having issues opening latest book(s) in Amazon Cloud Reader? Is this being actively blocked for some reason? very frustrating as I cannot bring my kindle to work, and now cannot read at lunch time! 😦

    I paid for my book, why can I not read it on all my kindle ‘devices’ for which the cloud reader is advertised as being such.

    Is this something the author is doing? or does the author know this is being done to his books now?

  15. T.R. You are a masterful writer I have to say. My only complaint is WHY DID YOU END IT LIKE THAT!!!!! I loved Invasion Force and I can’t wait to read the next one. One another note when is the new book you mentioned a few weeks ago coming out? I have read most of your work and I know whatever you write I am going to read it and I know it will be AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the great books.

  16. Loved the new REV book! Can’t wait for the next one in the series. Been a long time fan of the Adam Cain series as well!

  17. Tom, I have been a fan of the Human Chronicles since they first came out. I’ve read them all up through volume 23. I was so enjoying the H. C. sagasthat I even bought the first of the follow up Adam Caine stories. I was so happy in fact that I then bought the first REV book. Such potential, such a great story concept, how frustrating. So much so, I’m afraid I have to stop reading REV now. Perhaps even delete it from my tablet.

    So sad.

    As an old retired, career combat Marine (23 years, 1966-1989), I am frustrated, and saddened that who ever your proof reader is, they haven’t a clue one about the Marine Corps rank structure. Reference is made of Zac with use of his pay grade for God’s sake. Rank is NOT pay grade, Tom. Neither is a Gunnery Sargeant EVER referred to as a Sargeant. A Sargeant is 2 ranks BELOW a Gunnery Sargeant. A Gunnery Sargeant is referred to by use of the terms Gunnery Sargeant, GySgt, or even Gunney … but NEVER as Sargeant. Two different ranks entirely. I might add that NO general officer who wishes to maintain the respect of his/her subordinates would ever stoop so low as to show such disrespect to a fellow Marine.

    Perhaps the other services do so but definitely not Marines. It’s a matter of pride and respect for what it takes to be a Marine and to progress up the rank structure.

    And just to confuse you further, there are TWO separate ranks for EACH of the next two steps above Gunney.

    There are 9 pay grades and 11 ranks amongst the enlisted people in the United States Marine Corps.
    Semper Fi,

    USMC Retired

  18. Appreciating the dedication you put into your blog and in depth information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  19. I and also my friends appeared to be analyzing the good suggestions on your web blog and all of a sudden got an awful suspicion I never expressed respect to you for those tips. The people had been for that reason very interested to read them and already have quite simply been loving those things. Thank you for being indeed accommodating and also for deciding on such brilliant subjects millions of individuals are really eager to understand about. Our own sincere regret for not saying thanks to sooner.

  20. I have just finished the Destroyer of Worlds and love the twist you put in at the end. let us know what happens to your third immortal Kracion and what happens to Summer. Since Sherri is taken now maye a new love interest for Adam. Especially with the elixer in her system and Panur’s brain cells. Another Apex beingg. Well let us know what happens.

  21. I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educative
    and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something not enough people are speaking
    intelligently about. I’m very happy that I found this during my
    search for something regarding this.

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