The Andromeda Mission is now available!

TheAndromedaMission_19_resizedThe 19th book in The Human Chronicles Saga is now available for immediate download on

It’s entitled The Andromeda Mission and follows Adam Cain and his team as they venture to our huge neighboring galaxy to cut off the Nuoreans’ access to the Milky Way. They’re a single ship and six individuals against an entire galaxy of gladiator-like warriors. Who do you think will come out on top? Like, duh! We’re talking Adam Cain here, folks. The only question is how big of a mess will he make before declaring: Mission Accomplished!

This is book three in the Alien Games series-within-a-series that includes Alien Games, The Cain Legacy and now The Andromeda Mission. If you haven’t read The Human Chronicles Saga before, this might be a good opportunity to you to jump and get your feet wet. Then if you like it, go back to the beginning and experience all the space opera adventure featuring Adam Cain–the alien with an attitude.

And to make that even easier, I’m working on a book bundle featuring the first five books in the series: The Fringe Worlds, Alien Assassin, The War of Pawns, The Tactics of Revenge and The Legend of Earth. This is nearly 1,000 pages of Adam and his friends kicking butt and taking names across the galaxy. This omnibus edition will be available around May 5th, 2017 at an incredibly-discounted price compared to purchasing all the books separately. It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited.

But for all of you who have read the complete series, be sure to pick up The Andromeda Mission today.

All books are  available exclusively on and through Kindle Unlimited.

T.R. (Tom) Harris (April, 2017)

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