The Cain Legacy–The Human Chronicles #18–is here.

And the hits just keep on coming!

With the release of The Cain Legacy, the epic Saga of The Human Chronicles has grown to 18 books. The longevity of the series is a testament not only to the durability of the Human superman Adam Cain, but the loyalty my readers have shown over the past five years.

The secret to having a series go this long is having series-within-series, where the main character and friends face and conquer a new challenge over three or four books, before a new one crops up. It’s like life itself, as nothing ever remains the same for long.thumbnail_thecainlegacy_18

The Cain Legacy picks up where Alien Games ended, with Adam and the gang on a mission to save Lila from the three-billion-year-old Aris. No problem, right? After all, he does have the two mutants Panur and J’nae on his side. But even the mutants are at a loss as to how you defeat an enemy that has survived that long and with technology beyond imagination.

How they do it–while also fighting the invaders from Andromeda–is why you need to read this book.

The Cain Legacy is available for pre-order until the release date of February 28, 2017, and then for direct download after that. Then be looking for #19 in the series sometime in April. There’s still a lot of adventure left in The Human Chronicles Saga.

Click HERE to be taken to The Cain Legacy Amazon page.

–T.R. Harris

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