The latest Human Chronicles book is available

The latest Human Chronicles novel — Scorched Earth — is out and available on

thumbnail_scortchedearth2In this new adventure, Adam Cain returns to his roots — that of kicking ass and taking names. After the death of a very close friend and father-figure at the hands of the Juireans, Adam  takes matters into his own hands and exact his brand of revenge and redemption on the aliens. He launches a Scorched Earth campaign all the way from Earth to Juir, not only to avenge the death of his friend, but also in a desperate bid to rescue Sherri and Arieel from the insane Juirean Elder, Synnoc.

This is why you read The Human Chronicles, to get your heart-pumping and pride swelling. We’re badass Humans…and no one had better get in our way.

Scorched Earth is now available for immediate purchase on

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