Adam Cain #15 is Now Available!

That’s right, Adam’s forty-seven-year-old bones have once again been run through the ringer, this time with the assistance of a conniving Human named Copernicus Smith. Coop–as he’s called–runs a starship repair and towing service, catering to the underbelly of galactic commerce–smugglers, gun-runners and others who want to get their products from Point A to Point B without government interference.

Adam’s alien friends Kaylor and Jym work for Coop, and now they’ve been ‘detained’ by a small stellar affiliation. Adam and Riyad come to their assistance, only to be ensnared in Coop’s shady dealings themselves. What follows is a whirlwind adventure of galactic intrigue and political maneuverings, with dinosaur fights, clashes with smuggler cartels, along with some old enemies, including the Juireans, determined to make Adam and Riyad pay for past indiscretions.

Having just saved the galaxy from the Sol-Kor threat you would think our heroes would be in for a little R&R. No such luck. It’s never boring being Adam Cain….

The Copernicus Deception is now available in ebook form exclusively through Amazon.

Click here to pick up your copy today.

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