Battlelines: Coming June 15, 2016

Space Marine in Metallic Armour

That’s right. Book #14 in The Human Chronicles Saga is at Amazon and just waiting for release on June 15.

Battlelines picks up right where A Clash of Aliens ended, with our heroes scrambling to avoid a major attack on the homeworld of the Sol-Kor by the massive Hal’ic fleet, under the command of Admiral Andy Tobias. Humm, I wonder…will they make it or not?

The book is still available for pre-order until June 14. After that, just one-click and it’s yours! (For only $3.99!)

The other good news is that the 15th book in the series is also available for pre-orderAC15COVER on Amazon. Entitled The Copernicus Deception, it’s another thrilling chapter in the adventures of Adam Cain and friends, and introduces a new character I hope you find interesting. His name is Copernicus Smith–a Human–who runs a starship repair and towing service in the Kidis Frontier. Two of his most famous–or infamous–employees are Kaylor and Jym, Adam’s two best alien buddies. The story picks up with Kaylor and Jym in trouble with local law enforcement and Copernicus enlisting the help of Adam and Riyad to set things straight.

Needless to say, not everything turns out as expected. Now our heroes are engaged in a conspiracy of galactic proportions–literally–fighting against not only the resurgent Juireans, but also two of the most powerful corporations in the Milky Way, the makers of the MK flash weapons and the Xan-fi rifles. And you thought galactic empires had clout? Wait until you see what the business leaders can do!

The Copernicus Deception is set for release on July 26, a little over a month after Battlelines comes out.

My fans have demanded it, so you’re getting it. More books, more often. You keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

Battlelines pre-order: Click Here

The Copernicus Deception pre-order: Click Here

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