The Human Chronicles #11 is coming soon!

Stars9That’s right!

Book number 11 of The Human Chronicles Saga is scheduled for a Christmas Day release on Amazon.

It’s entitled: The Unreachable Stars, and follows the thrilling adventures of Adam and the mutant Panur as they run from–well, everyone in the galaxy–who are all out to capture Panur and return him to the Sol-Kor Queen in exchange for immunity from attack.

I know, sounds kind of boring, what with all the chases, space battles and alien ass-kicking. And don’t forget about the desperate race to build a device that will save the galaxy from the invaders, even as entire stellar empires are out to stop you.

But this is Adam Cain we’re talking about here. If anyone can go up against an entire galaxy–and win–it’s Adam. And he has fun doing it!

I hope you will, too.

I’ll be sending out a pre-release email to my fans, along with a publication notice with a new-release price discount. If you’re on my email list, be looking for it. But please, wait until after Christmas to read the novel. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble for having your nose stuck in a book on Christmas Day, rather than paying attention to your inlaws.

T.R. Harris, December 2015

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