The New Adam Cain Novel is coming out TODAY (Dec. 15th)!

MOW CoverFiinalAt long last…Adam Cain is BACK!

That’s right. Book #9 in The Human Chronicles SagaThe Masters of War–will be available on Amazon later on the 15th of December.

In this edition… Adam has followed the evil Nigel McCarthy to the Large Magellanic Cloud — a small sister galaxy to the Milky Way–where he intends to put an end to the criminal mastermind once and for all. This is virgin territory for Human supermen like Adam and Nigel, and the poor aliens they encounter along the way have never met creatures like them before.

As the adventure unfolds, Adam finds himself in hot water with some of the local police, yet also pursued by several of the powerful Clans that run the galaxy, all trying to get their hands on the revolutionary gravity-drive technology his ship employs. It’s now a wild chase through exotic star systems and on strange alien worlds. All the while, Adam is trying to get back on mission. After all, Nigel McCarthy is not going to eliminate himself. That’s Adam’s job.

The story is pure space opera fun and adventure, yet as with all the books in The Human Chronicles Saga, there’s a much larger story hidden just below the surface that begins to reveal itself. There’s political intrigue and ambitions that will soon throw the entire galaxy into war, and with the Humans right in the thick of things.

And who’s manipulating all this turmoil–none other than Kroekus of Silea.

The Masters of War is the start of a whole new chapter in the life and times of Adam Cain. And soon, the entire gang will be back together for the ride. Truly exciting stuff!

Be looking for The Masters of War on on Dec. 15, and on other popular ebook sellers over the next few days.

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