Important Notice about the release date of A Galaxy to Conquer

Tom's New Stock Photo          After releasing my last book — Cain’s Crusaders — with an unacceptable number of typos and other errors, I have decided to take as much time as necessary to complete the next book in the series — A Galaxy to Conquer — without having to rush it into publication. This way I can guarantee that it will be virtually typo-free when it’s initially released.
          This means that the next book will not be out until sometime in either late November or early December, 2013. I feel it’s more important to put out a clean book later, rather than rush something out and risk disappointing my readers. Just rest assured, the book WILL be out before Christmas.
          One of the great things about ebooks is that as authors, we’re able to go back into our books and make corrections, even after publication. I have relied on this feature too many times to go in and correct typos after releasing my books to the public. Although a few typos will always slip through the cracks — to be corrected as soon as they become known to me — it’s my job to make sure I put out the most-professional product I can — and right out of the gate.
          In the past I have done a lot of my own editing, yet for those who have ever tried this, you know that editing your own work is extremely difficult. The eye sees what the mind wants it to see, and so often typos that are obvious to the general public are almost impossible for the author to notice. That’s why I now employ a professional editor, a proofreader and several beta readers (fans who have volunteered to read the books prior to publication and help spot imperfections). Just because I’m an independent publisher doesn’t mean you should expect nothing but the most professional product from me. I’m making a very concerted effort to improve the quality of my work because you — my fans — deserve the very best I can give.
          Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.
          T.R. (Tom) Harris

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